Community Developer

Community Developer

Every Community has their fair share of challenges...

but we all can play a role in finding a solution.


There was a time, where I once felt like I didn’t have enough experience to be able to make a difference.  It wasn’t until 2011 when I attended a city planning meeting where I realized the opportunity to get engaged.  There were all these conversations about how to keep young people in the area after college, but there were no other college kids in the room.


I learned an important lesson from that experience, which has served me well in all my endeavors — when addressing a problem or a challenge, you should focus your energy towards finding a solution.


Working with economic development organizations such as the Greensboro Chamber of Commerce has always been a lot of fun.  Partnering with others to promote initiatives, which generate job growth, and help evolve the brands of upstart companies is work I enjoy doing.


Take a look at my experiences co-founding Shift Here and Innovate Raleigh.

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