Content and Social Media Strategy

Be memorable. Make sure your impact is felt where ever you go.

From my first job at Bojangles to the various brands and organizations I’ve represented, this has always been my guiding principle.  Companies like Apple, Whole Foods, Nordstrom, Target, Crate and Barrel have all figured it out — you must stand out from the flock.


What are three things that you would like to come to mind when your customers or audience think of you?

How do people feel once they engage with you?


People buy and connect with you for two reasons: Because they like you, and they trust you.  My job is to help you craft your brand and your story to the people your intended audience.


The Internet has opened so many doors for us to be able to communicate with our audience, but unfortunately, many brands unintentionally fall short of doing so.  They applied the old-school “I’m going to scream my message into a megaphone as loud as I can” approach, instead of embracing the amazing (not to mention profitable) results of an authentic two-way conversation with your customers.


I’ve worked with companies like eMerit, various organizations and  solopreneurs to position their brand in a way that is authentic to them.  I’m passionate about helping others to leverage social media, and using other new media mediums as a platform to tell their stories.

Hubspot Certification
Hootsuite Social Media Certified

Have you ever found yourself asking these questions?

  • You can generate more leads by leveraging your brand’s story?

  • Build a strong social media (When I say strong, I mean profitable) platform to increase brand awareness?


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